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first_text= Satellite Symposium :HUMIRA 10 – The power of experience 26.06.2013, Pravets Symposium: Current challenges in axial spondyloarthritis (SpA) diagnosis and management 14.06.2012, Golden Sands Resort Symposium: Architect ci 4100 - science on the side of the small and medium laboratory 04.9.2010, Borovets Architect ci 4100 - science as a working reality 04.9.2010, Borovets Abbott Diagnostics - present and future 04.9.2010, Borovets Optimal control of structural joint damage by RA- results from 5 year trial X- ray remission after treatment with Adalimumab (HUMIRA) BioRx.en - National on-line registry for monitoring of safety and efficacy of biological agent treatment in RA patients 8.11.2009, Sofia Symposium: Kaletra tablet - new star Abbott 17.10.2008, Sofia Key aspects in the application of HUMIRA (ADALIMUMAB) during treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis 26.09.2008, Sunny Beach Strategic partnership client - supplier - present and future in the shifting world of In Vitro diagnostics 7.06.2008, Varna Company presentation: Abbott Architect Systems and Assays - Innovations for safer blood 27.09.2007, Varna Symposium: AxSYM - new tests, proven reliability 22.09.2007, Borovets Workshop – Diagnostics Division Brighter Lights in Hematology Diagnostics 28.09.2006, Sofia Avoiding mistakes during biochemical and immonulogical tests with Abbott's integrated system - ARCHITECT CI 820 10.06.2005, Albena