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first_text= Satellite Symposium 10.10.2013, Golden Sands Resort Satellite symposium: Xarelto (rivaroxaban) in prophylaxis of brain insult – results of the research ROCKET AF 25.05.2012, Golden Sands Resort Satellite symposium: Is the trombosis a risk factor? Trombosis -time for change. 20.05.2011, Borovets Satellite symposium: Living through multiple sclerosis 19.05.2011, Borovets XARELTO – contemporary tromboprophylaxis in orthopedic surgery 7.10.2010, Golden Sands Satellite symposium: MC - you can change the outcome of the desease with BETAFERON MRI - diagnostics and tracking of MC - GADOVIST 14.05.2009, Sofia Bayer Schering Academy of Neurology and Orthopedics Second Annual Balkan Meeting 25.10.2008, Sofia Satellite symposium: MabCampath – a step towards the treatment of CLL 27.09.2007, Varna Company presentation 19 - 2.09.2006, Sofia Optimization of the positive results during treatment of MC Early intervention in high effective interferon therapy 7.06.2007, Sofia Workshop – Bayer Health Care, Diagnostics Division Part A: Novel Biochemistry Markers for managing CVD patients Part B: New innovative solutions from Bayer Diagnostics 28.09.2006, Sofia Company presentation 10.06.2005, Albena