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first_text= Satellite Symposium: Treatment of migraine attacks 18.05.2013, Golden Sands Resort Satellite symposium: New challenges in the anticholinesterase treatment 25.05.2012, Golden Sands Resort ACTAVIS CYCLE AND TEAM BUILDING 24 - 28.04.2012, Interhotel Sandanski, Sandanski Satellite symposium: Life without shadows 20.05.2011, Borovets Treatment of acute attacks of headache 11.9.2010, Nesebar Satellite symposium: TALOPAM - with epilepsy and migrane Profilaxis of migrane TALOPAM - wide sprectrum therapy with high effectiveness 14.05.2009, Sofia Partners in the new millenium ACTAVIS - Affordable medications for quality life ACTAVIS - Traditions and challenges in the neurology 7.06.2007, Sofia Epilepsy and pain EPITRIGINE's place in the treatment of epilepsy 8.06.2007, Sofia Regional Meeting Of Psychiatry 16 – 17.03.2007, Toyan Regional Meeting Of Neurology Specialists 26.01.2007, Golden Sands Resort Company presentation TERCEF - Actavis (Ceftriaxone) - therapeutic effect in children with acquired pneumonia in society 24.11.2006, Borovets Satellite symposium – Products and perspectives 13.09.2006, Sofia Application of TERCEF in child surgery Application of TERCEF in neonatology 5.11.2004, Plovdiv Satellite symposium - Modern approaches in the therapy of certain problematic infections 23.04.2004, Borovets