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first_text= Satellite symposium: mTOR – New opportunity for treatment of advanced breast cancer 23.06.2012, Sofia New opportunities and challenges in the treatment of multiple sclerosis 25.05.2012, Golden Sands Resort Satellite symposium: New horizons in the therapy of multiple sclerosis with peroral fingolimod (GILENYA®) Role of S1P - receptor modulation in the treatment of multiple sclerosis Peroral fingolimod (GILENYA ® ) – clinical data for effectiveness and safety 20.05.2011, Borovets 3 years clinical experience with ACLASTA in Bulgaria – from theory to practice 4.07.2010, Nesebar Presentation - chelation therapy for THALASSEMIA MAJOR 7.11.2009, Hissar Symposium - ACLASTA - year- long control of Osteoporosis with a single infusion 6.11.2009, Sofia Satellite symposium - 100 percent compliance in osteoporosis - myth or reality? 22.11.2008, Sofia Satellite symposium: ACLASTA - new approach for year-round osteoprotection 26.09.2008, Sunny Beach Symposium: Novartis - innovative partner in nephrology and transplantation 10.10.2008, Sofia Satellite Symposium - Therapeutic benefits from the use of Novartis Oncology medicinal products in the comprehensive management of breast cancer and other solid tumors 12.10.2007, Varna Satellite Symposium: GLIVEC (imatinib) - Optimization of the therapy, latest data Evolving molecular response over time. New strategies and trends in the treatment of CML. Allogenic bone marrow transplantation in treatment of CML. 27.09.2007, Varna Satellite Symposium: EXJADE (deferasirox) - Effective once-daily oral iron chelator. New data, new perspectives. Clinical outcomes of the iron overload in MDS. First-hand experience and results of the treatment with EXJADE in Bulgaria and the World. 28.09.2007, Varna CLOZAPINE – highlights from clinical practice Neurochemistry of schizophrenia: bases for therapeutic approaches Treatment-resistant schizophrenia – clinical and therapeutical aspects Aggression and auto-aggression in schizophrenic patients Parkinson disease related psychosis – new therapeutic approach 27.04.2007, Sofia Satellite symposium – New horizons in the case of hormonal and biphosphonate treatment 15.09.2006, Sofia Symposium TRILEPTAL and child epilepsy 1. OXCARBAZEPINE (TRILEPTAL) - treatment of epilepsy in early age 2. TRILEPTAL - indications, risk of aggravation - own observations 29.10.2004, Plovdiv